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Pay Per View

Future Special Events will be broadcast here including PPV events such at the 2024 Supernatural April 2024 Solar Eclipse while we continue to await the return of "Jesus Christ". 

"In that day the Sun will be darkened & the Moon will not give its light."

Get ready to get your "Tickets" to the first EVER live stream across three nations. Mexico, USA & Canada as we will stream live from more than 20 locations country to country and state to state showing the 8 April 2024 Full Solar Eclipse and anything that happens or that can be SEEN during the eclipse as it crosses completing and "X" on the United States Of America.

NOTE: Members of TheSupernatural.Show website will be able to get the FULL PPV Stream of the eclipse for as little at $0 (FREE) using your "Loyalty Program Hearts".  Do not think I forget those whom support TSS & my work.


Tickets will become available in the coming weeks/months

This page and events are under construction.  Check back later my Brothers & Sisters.
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