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Supernatural "Body Of Christ" Team

Yes, Christ has a body and it us, you and me.  We are supposed to be, walk and act as the body of Christ.  This page will be the beginning of the building of the body of Christ.  A network of righteous brothers and sisters working together as one body of Christ.  Our work & our goals will be of righteous works.

What part of the body are you?  What function are you gifted to perform?  Are you the pinky finger or the right arm?  Maybe you are the right eye or the left ear?  It is possible you are the heart or the or the right foot?


You have a roll or a purpose you are here to fulfill in the Supernatural Whirled.  I "Daniel" am trying to serve my purpose already as the "Mouth".  What part are you?  If you believe you know what your purpose is or are seeking your purpose, submit your information below and join the "Body Of Christ" team.  A whirled wide network of brothers & sisters working to gather to serve as the body of Christ to the betterment of all of GOD's children.  More details & understanding of what "We" will be doing will be coming soon.   Daniel Alexander Cannon

What part are you?  Think about the symbolism of the action or role you will fulfill and you will find the body part.  There can be more that one body part and more than one fulfilling that function...

Maybe you dont know the body part yet, but know you have a purpose.  Fill the form to the right and it will become clear in time, you role to fulfill...

Get in touch

Once you fill out and submit the form to the left, you will be added to a team communication and invited to "body" meetings and online discussions when appropriate.

This is a project that will evolve as we all learn how to fulfill the roles we were sent here to fulfill.  We will figure it out as the body should.  One step at the time.

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