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The Eastern USA "WOBBLE & BOOM" Phenomenon.

Author: Daniel Alexander Cannon

6 August 2023 @ 6:34pm EDT

Have you felt it yet? Felt what you might be wondering, right? Well I hate to be to one to inform the world but something BIG is up & we have to talk about it!

About a week ago I was just walking in my hotel room and suddenly I staggered... Kinda like I was drinking or something. Then it happened again and I thought "Ok, STOP and pay attention here, something is not right". So I did and I put out a video asking my 100K YouTube viewers if they had noticed anything like this and well... YES it was happening all up and down the east coast of the USA and further inland that makes any sense. What is stranger is there is no earthquake epicenter.. This was and is different. Not and earthquake but more of a entire tectonic plate of craton wobble/movement. This is just the beginning of this new supernatural discovery. Below is the first video that I released asking others if they could feel this or not.. Make sure to take a look at the comments and what the people are saying.... Then move on below that for the rest of the story development because this story is getting wilder and wilder each day...

Then after reading the comments from the people all up and down the east coast I realized this was way bigger than I originally thought... "The entire east coast of the USA is wobbling back and forth at a "North to South & back north" type of movement, a couple of times a day. A large number of people said "It is mainly at night when this happens." I felt it during the day myself but others are saying between 10pm and 4am is when they have felt it wobble and some are saying there is a "Boom" sometimes associated with the wooble. They say is sounds like someone dropped a bomb nearby. We have to learn to trust the eye witness accounts of other people. Not one or two but when you hear it from dozens or really hundreds in this case, we NEED to pay attention. Are they ALL lairs? I do not believe so. Yet of course, we want to know what it means and what we should do or understand about this... My initial though or understanding is that this is a change in the "KEYS" that control the "whirled" we live in. Frequency is everything in this whirled and what is that? It is like keys on the piano or the harp. GOD set up this whirled based on sound/light/frequency. So when a key change takes place, like in scripture when it speaks of a "key" being brought down by an Angel, it is talking about a frequency change. Scripture also talks about "Vials" being poured upon the earth. This is a chemical change like in a lab.. And it manifests due to a KEY change. Notice how the Keys come first and then the vials...

UPDATE: A "Wobble" Observation Study has been created and you are asked to submit anything you observe that is related to the "Wobble" story.

Below are the 2nd & 3rd follow in depth study video of the Wooble Study.. The shaking of America.

NOTE: If you are a member of TheSupernatural.Show website you will get updates & all observation submissions datasheet whenever new information is published about the "Wooble Study". ONLY website members have access to this information.

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1 Comment

Dean Winchell
Dean Winchell
Aug 15, 2023

On August 8th, the was a 3.1 magnitude earthquake in Upstate NY, epicenter South Glens Falls.

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