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El.showsobrenatural La membresía cuesta $ 3,99 al mes. Vea abajo...


If your here and would like detailed instructions on how to become a member, it is RECOMMENDED to visit the "How to become a member" page before choosing a membership below.  It will save you confusion & time

Choose Your Membership Level

Thank you for supporting our work.

  • LEVEL 1: FREE TSS Membership (6 Months)

    Get connected & stay in the knowledge loop
    Válido por 6 meses
    • This membership level is completely free for 6 months
    • Get a text when TheSupernaturalShow goes live
    • Get urgent warnings via text
    • Access to the core LIVE Investigations area of TSS
    • Earn "Heart Points" & get level II membership for FREE
    • Access to several investigation/communication groups
  • LEVEL 2: TSS $10 Mo. Membership

    Cada mes
    A hidden place to Share, SEE & HEAR the Truth...
    • Completely open & free speech LIVES here...
    • AVOID the Censorship of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter ect...
    • Pick a topic... We are discussing & investigating it here.
    • ADD your own discussion group topic for others to comment.
    • Join in on private member only LIVE discussions.
    • ACCESS the "VAULT" where YT censored video live free.
    • Submit your Supernatural stories to be read LIVE of air.
    • Partisipate in Supernatural "Observation Studies".
    • Become a remote cameraman for The Supernatural Show.
    • Be a Guest Blogger for TheSupernatural.Show website.
    • Be a "Guest" & tell your Supernatural story LIVE on air.
    • Watch the LIVE show here & interact w/ members live.
    • SEE & HEAR what gets censored everywhere else
    • Get text message when TheSupernaturalShow goes live!
    • This is "The People's Website"!
  • LEVEL 2: TSS Membership YEARLY

    Cada año
    $100 for 1 Year Membership To TheSupernatural.Show
    • Once a year $100 Contribution toward our work @ TSS
    • With 2 months free for prepayment of 12 months.
    • All benefits of monthly TSS Membership
    • Text message 10 minute prior LIVE shows
    • Share, Learn & Discuss the truth about whats most important.
    • Share BANNED videos & watch others shared videos.
    • Share Supernatural photos & check out others shared photos
    • BONUS: (1) 1 hour private Supernatural Consultation included
  • LEVEL 3: TSS & Beyond The Veil $35 mo

    Cada mes
    Get full access To ALL areas of the website. 100%
    • EVERYTHINGiIncluded in the Level 1 TSS Membership
    • EVERYTHING included in the Beyond The Veil club.
    • BONUS! (2) FREE hour private consultation w/ Daniel
    • Welcome home, you are no longer alone.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO Censorship! We agree to disagree.
    • View or share anything with every member of TSS.
    • Check out the individual memberships to see all benefits.
    • Text message when TheSupernatural.Show goes LIVE
  • LEVEL 3: TSS & Beyond The Veil Yearly

    Cada año
    $300 per year TSS & BTV memberships!
    • Everything included in Level 1, 2 & 3 membership levels
    • BONUS includes (3) 1 hour Supernatural Consultations w/ Dani
    • Get notified via text message 10 mins before LIVE shows
  • LEVEL 3: LIFETIME TSS & Beyond The Veil

    Lifetime membership to 100% of TSS & BTV
    • Included every feature I have or will have available...
    • This is a way to support my work & gain complete access.
    • Includes getting a text message when we go live!
    • BONUS: Includes (3) 1 hour Supernatural Consultations
    • Now, your not going to miss out on anything!
    • Thank you for your support of my ministry.
  • A la carte "Beyond The Veil" $25 mo.

    Cada mes
    This content is beyond what standard TSS site membership offers.
    • Unlimited "Beyond The Veil" Exclusive Live Hangouts Weekly.
    • Exclusive access to TSS "Beyond The Veil" video channel.
    • Get "texted" 10 minutes before each TSS Live show starts.
    • Join me as I am researching and editing videos.
    • Join in on private conversations with other researchers.
    • See research work first before it is turned into videos.
    • I will be adding MORE benefits soon. Daniel
    • POST your own BLOG post on TheSupernatural.Show
    • Watch private live streams on for Beyond The Veil Club
    • Things I never used to record. The research in works..
    • Access to the "Beyond The Veil" Communications Center.
    • Chat directly with Daniel on the "BTV" WhatsApp Group.
    • BONUS: (1) FREE 1 hr Supernatural Consultation
  • A la carte "Beyond The Veil" Yearly

    Cada año
    1 Year BTV membership $250
    • "BTV" Stand alone membership, TSS not included
    • 2 months BTV free when purchased yearly
    • Access to the "Beyond The Veil" videos.
    • See the research that happens behind the scenes.
    • BONUS: (1) FREE 1 hr supernatural consultation included
    • Listen to private conversations between Daniel, Shannon, Dan
    • Every Sunday Bible Study 1 hr exclusive meeting
    • Get a TEXT 10 min prior to live show (Coming Soon)
    • POST your own BLOG post on TheSupernatural.Show
    • Watch private live streams on for Beyond The Veil Club
    • Charged once a year until canceled by member.
    • Member will be notified when membership fails via email.
    • Access to the Beyond The Veil Communications Center.
    • Chat directly with Daniel in the BTV WhatsApp Group.
    • I will be adding MORE benefits soon. Daniel
  • A la Carte: LIFETIME "Beyond The Veil"

    1 Time Payment/Gift for lifetime membership to the BTV Club
    • ALL the benefits of the Beyond The Veil members club.
    • 1 single payment gets you lifetime membership.
    • No additional payments ever for the Beyond The Veil club.
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