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How to join the investigations in TheSupernatural.Show

This page will give you detailed instructions & options as to how to become a member of TheSupernatural.Show & join the investigations

NOTE:  Currently you have 3 Membership Options

Level 1:  FREE Membership

Communication directly with all TSS members & access to "Supernatural Members" page, also access to several "TSS Discussion Group/s" communication pages, the "Supernatural Blog", Supernatural Events, The People's Knowledge Bank, The People's Market and other areas of the website.  Join just by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of this page.  Here is the example image of what you are looking for.


Level 2:  TSS "Full Investigator" @ $10.00 per month

To access additional investigation communications portions of member pages, communication groups, stored videos, the people's market, the people's library, members live chat, people's live chat room, events, projects data, the supernatural book (early access), member "hearts" rewards program, supernatural shop, people's bread exchange, supernatural classes, affiliate products, TSS Fake News channel, TSS PPV channel 5G EMF protection products and much more, you will need to follow the following steps below.

NOTE: You will be able to choose monthly, yearly or lifetime memberships


Level 3:  @ $35.00 Month:  Optionally you can choose to sign up for "Level 2" & The "Beyond The Veil" Club at the same time which I call "Level 3"

NOTE: You will be able to choose monthly, yearly or lifetime memberships

Now that you know your membership level options, let's start the membership process.

STEP 1:  Sign up to become a member of the base website by clicking the "Log In" or "Join" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. It looks like this example:

NOTE: MOBILE USERS:  If you are on a mobile device and do not see the login icon above, then click the menu button              and choose "Log In".

STEP 2: Once you have submitted you name, email, phone and created a password, an automated email will be sent to you via the email you used to verify your email and membership, you will then need to click the link sent to you via email in the email that will complete your basic setup.  However, you now need to complete "Step 3" by picking a choice of membership options that will activate your access to your chosen membership.

STEP 3:  You will now need to return to the TheSupernatural.Show website and click on the page named "TSS Membership Options" (OR you can come back to this page and choose your membership plan below) Then select the plan of your choice.  Then continue to checkout. If you happen to have a "Coupon Code", you will be able to enter it at check out.

Now your all signed up at this point...  What to do next?  Click on the login icon in the upper right corner and then click on "My Profile" then click the "Edit Profile" button and add all you social media & any other information you would like other members to see.  You can choose what is public or private for each item listed.  Please list your phone & YouTube channel link so that way I can make you a moderator on YouTube.  Now just look around and check out all the different pages included in your chosen membership level.

ALL Membership Plans are also below for your ease of comparison.


Beyond The Veil "BTV" can be chosen A la carte if you only wish to gain access to additional video content and not be part of the discussions that go on in the "Investigation Groups" on the website.

Menu Button.jpg
Login Icon.jpg
Login Icon.jpg
Need LIVE Help Signing Up?
Call Us @ 843-402-8827

If we happen to not answer, please leave a voicemail including your phone # and we will call you back.
  • LEVEL 1: FREE TSS Membership (6 Months)

    Get connected & stay in the knowledge loop
    Válido por 6 meses
    • This membership level is completely free for 6 months
    • Get a text when TheSupernaturalShow goes live
    • Get urgent warnings via text
    • Access to the core LIVE Investigations area of TSS
    • Earn "Heart Points" & get level II membership for FREE
    • Access to several investigation/communication groups
  • LEVEL 2: TSS $10 Mo. Membership

    Cada mes
    A hidden place to Share, SEE & HEAR the Truth...
    • Completely open & free speech LIVES here...
    • AVOID the Censorship of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter ect...
    • Pick a topic... We are discussing & investigating it here.
    • ADD your own discussion group topic for others to comment.
    • Join in on private member only LIVE discussions.
    • ACCESS the "VAULT" where YT censored video live free.
    • Submit your Supernatural stories to be read LIVE of air.
    • Partisipate in Supernatural "Observation Studies".
    • Become a remote cameraman for The Supernatural Show.
    • Be a Guest Blogger for TheSupernatural.Show website.
    • Be a "Guest" & tell your Supernatural story LIVE on air.
    • Watch the LIVE show here & interact w/ members live.
    • SEE & HEAR what gets censored everywhere else
    • Get text message when TheSupernaturalShow goes live!
    • This is "The People's Website"!
  • LEVEL 2: TSS Membership YEARLY

    Cada año
    $100 for 1 Year Membership To TheSupernatural.Show
    • Once a year $100 Contribution toward our work @ TSS
    • With 2 months free for prepayment of 12 months.
    • All benefits of monthly TSS Membership
    • Text message 10 minute prior LIVE shows
    • Share, Learn & Discuss the truth about whats most important.
    • Share BANNED videos & watch others shared videos.
    • Share Supernatural photos & check out others shared photos
    • BONUS: (1) 1 hour private Supernatural Consultation included
  • LEVEL 3: TSS & Beyond The Veil $35 mo

    Cada mes
    Get full access To ALL areas of the website. 100%
    • EVERYTHINGiIncluded in the Level 1 TSS Membership
    • EVERYTHING included in the Beyond The Veil club.
    • BONUS! (2) FREE hour private consultation w/ Daniel
    • Welcome home, you are no longer alone.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO Censorship! We agree to disagree.
    • View or share anything with every member of TSS.
    • Check out the individual memberships to see all benefits.
    • Text message when TheSupernatural.Show goes LIVE
  • LEVEL 3: LIFETIME TSS & Beyond The Veil

    Lifetime membership to 100% of TSS & BTV
    • Included every feature I have or will have available...
    • This is a way to support my work & gain complete access.
    • Includes getting a text message when we go live!
    • BONUS: Includes (3) 1 hour Supernatural Consultations
    • Now, your not going to miss out on anything!
    • Thank you for your support of my ministry.
  • A la carte "Beyond The Veil" $25 mo.

    Cada mes
    This content is beyond what standard TSS site membership offers.
    • Unlimited "Beyond The Veil" Exclusive Live Hangouts Weekly.
    • Exclusive access to TSS "Beyond The Veil" video channel.
    • Get "texted" 10 minutes before each TSS Live show starts.
    • Join me as I am researching and editing videos.
    • Join in on private conversations with other researchers.
    • See research work first before it is turned into videos.
    • I will be adding MORE benefits soon. Daniel
    • POST your own BLOG post on TheSupernatural.Show
    • Watch private live streams on for Beyond The Veil Club
    • Things I never used to record. The research in works..
    • Access to the "Beyond The Veil" Communications Center.
    • Chat directly with Daniel on the "BTV" WhatsApp Group.
    • BONUS: (1) FREE 1 hr Supernatural Consultation
  • A la carte "Beyond The Veil" Yearly

    Cada año
    1 Year BTV membership $250
    • "BTV" Stand alone membership, TSS not included
    • 2 months BTV free when purchased yearly
    • Access to the "Beyond The Veil" videos.
    • See the research that happens behind the scenes.
    • BONUS: (1) FREE 1 hr supernatural consultation included
    • Listen to private conversations between Daniel, Shannon, Dan
    • Every Sunday Bible Study 1 hr exclusive meeting
    • Get a TEXT 10 min prior to live show (Coming Soon)
    • POST your own BLOG post on TheSupernatural.Show
    • Watch private live streams on for Beyond The Veil Club
    • Charged once a year until canceled by member.
    • Member will be notified when membership fails via email.
    • Access to the Beyond The Veil Communications Center.
    • Chat directly with Daniel in the BTV WhatsApp Group.
    • I will be adding MORE benefits soon. Daniel
  • A la Carte: LIFETIME "Beyond The Veil"

    1 Time Payment/Gift for lifetime membership to the BTV Club
    • ALL the benefits of the Beyond The Veil members club.
    • 1 single payment gets you lifetime membership.
    • No additional payments ever for the Beyond The Veil club.
  • LEVEL 3: TSS & Beyond The Veil Yearly

    Cada año
    $300 per year TSS & BTV memberships!
    • Everything included in Level 1, 2 & 3 membership levels
    • BONUS includes (3) 1 hour Supernatural Consultations w/ Dani
    • Get notified via text message 10 mins before LIVE shows
Need LIVE Help Signing Up?
Call Us @ 843-402-8827

If we happen to not answer, please leave a voicemail including your phone # and we will call you back.
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